T45 - Simultaneous Metering Blender with integrated pig launching and receiving station

All raw material components (base oils and additives) are pumped to the SMB from dedicated tanks, where a series of metering channels equipped with mass flow meter, control valve and non-return valve allow very accurate and simultaneous dosing of all blend recipe components. The SMB design incorporates a fully piggable distribution header pipe in order to avoid cross-contamination between blend recipes and to maximise product recovery. This unique piggable SMB conecpt even allows for the different family groups of lubricating oils to be blended in the SMB and hence maximises plant equipment utilisation.

The general principle of operation for the SMB is as follows: Operator provides production data (such as: product name / code, type, blend size, and tank destination etc) to the SMB control system.

The SMB control system will then automatically dose all required raw material components according to the customer's specific blend formulation (recipe), in following three stages: First stage is an initial dosing and transfer of the main blend components base oils and additives, followed by a final dosing and transfer of the remaining base oil. This dosing sequence ensures that optimum pigging results are achieved, with respect to cross-contamination between subsequent SMB blends.

The pigging system is directly integrated in the SMB. Thus the connecting pipelines and the basic isolation valves can be emptied without residues.

The non piggable areas such as flow meters / counters are emptied according to a progammed procedure and rinsed with base product. Now the system is completely emptied and the next process can be prepared.

Technical Characteristics

Nominal inside diameters DN 50, DN 80, DN 100; 2", 3", 4"
Design Base frame, rigid shaped frame welded design with sheets for floor mounting, support plates for equipment components and pipe supports
Function Continuous dosing and pre-blending of products, capacity depends on the costumer's design layout, e.g. for 6 dosing lines 50m³/h (DN100/4") max.
Operation automatic
Material 1.0037 (or similar / or better)
Equipment Base frame, for 6 dosing lines e. g. (about 9.000 x 2.500 x 2.500) L x W x H; Pig launching and receiving station with pig stop insert, flow meter, ball valves, butterfly and control valves, E cabinet for freely programmable control unit for automatic operation, FBM with all necessary input and output modules, completely mounted on terminal strip wired and pretested
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