Advantages of our Pigging Technology


The use of I.S.T. pigging technology greatly increases labour productivity. Complex flushing processes can be replaced by quick pigging processes. Thus, the system is ready for re-use more quickly and can be used for further processes in a timely manner. By avoiding time-consuming and manual flushing procedures the overall costs will be considerably decreased.

Cost Savings

In most cases the investment in a conventional system compared with a pigging system will clearly lead to a decision to opt for a pigging system. Not only the investment costs, but also the operating costs are normally lower if cost-intensive flushing processes or heating can be reduced. When planning a system in cooperation with our experienced staff, the cost savings are always taken into account to ensure we find the optimum solution.
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Quality Management

Quality ManagementThe quality of the products to be conveyed is a crucial point when using a system. Ageing products which remain in the pipeline after pumping can lead to contamination of the following batches. With the use of our pigging technology the products conveyed in a pigging line are reliably separated, thus ensuring high product quality.
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Environment Protection

By using I.S.T. pigging technology, environmentally harmful flushing media will be avoided or significantly reduced. In many cases, it is also possible to dispense with environmentally harmful trace heating. Residual product remaining in the pipeline with conventional system that are subsequently rinsed and sent to effluent area are no longer a major issue. This is the contribution to more sustainability and Eco-friendly plant rationalization when using pigging technology in industrial plants.
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Performance Improvement

Pigging processes are basically very fast processes; the line is emptied within very short process times. A flushing medium or a gas is used for conventional pipeline emptying. These processes require a higher time investment. In this sense, pigging technology contributes to the performance optimisation of production systems.

Custom Solutions

A high variety of products and regionally different demands on production and conveyor systems lead to individual solutions in the field of pigging technology. Since our foundation we have supplied customised solutions. Due to our large product portfolio, individual requests, supported by many years of unmatched experience, lead to an exceptional high level of user satisfaction.
  • Fewer pipes can be used to convey a wider range of products, due to excellent separation methods
  • Pipe heating and insulation is often no longer required
  • Conventional draining, cleaning and rinsing processes are dispensed with
  • Loss of valuable raw materials and products is now minimal
  • The amount of cost-intensive waste water used is reduced drastically
  • High energy savings
  • No deposits or encrustation in pipes - lengthens the life of pipes
  • High cleaning standards
  • Hence no mixing of products
  • Pigging systems can be fully automated
  • Bubble-free feeding of filling systems
  • No residual products
  • Almost no waste water produced requiring treatment

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