T40.29 - T-Port Valve as Launching station: New safety standards for pig changing procedure

The T-Port valve is "open": Product pumped through the T-Port Valve, with pig in stand-by position.

The T-Port valve is "closed": T-Port valve rotated to pigging/product recovery position.

T-Port valve rotated to pig insert/removal position.

Example of T-Port valve equipped with sliding couplings utilised as a launching and receiving station.

Typical piggable distribution system incorporating in line T-Port valves. Simple "One pig" process is sufficient to handle multiple product inlets/destinations.

Incorporating the many advantages of the multifunctional T-Port valve, together with a unique and innovative safe method for loading and unloading pigs.

This execution is also equipped with an integrated pig changing chamber and pig propellant connections. In addition to the standard two automated valve positions there is also a third manual valve position for changing pigs. The pig changing procedure requires no external utility services or control system action.

The orientation of the pig changing chamber ensures that the pigging line is isolated when changing pigs, providing the highest levels of operator safety.

  • Integrated pig catching device
  • Integrated pig changing chamber: no additional insertion and removal station required
  • Shut-off of the pig changing chamber against the pig line enables safe pig changing
  • Pig change without auxiliary energy
  • No additional control effort for pig changing
  • Very compact design
  • Pigs separated from product stream
Connections Flange DIN DN 50 to DN 100 in PN 16 or. ANSI 2" - 4" 150 lbs. (other types on request)
Nominal Pressure PN 16 / 150 lbs (up to 80°C), PN 25 / 300 lbs on request.
Operation Pneumatic double acting or manual. Pig changing manual
Design Temperature -15°C to max. +120°C
Operating Temperature -20°C to +75°C (for higher temperatures an alternative actuator will be necessary)
Material Housing: Stainless steel 1.4571 or Carbon steel 1.0570; Sealings: NBR, FKM, VMQ or EPDM

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