DN150-300 - Big nominal sizes

In many industries the supply of larger raw material quantities cannot be met directly at site, this means there are often long distances to be covered. Raw materials which have to be stored are often delivered by ship and the tank field for storage is far away. Here the optimum transport means is a pipeline system. With help of a pigging system this process can be optimized so that the pipeline is completely emptied, product mixtures are avoided and there are no costs for disposal of residual products.


  • No product in the pigging system after pigging process
  • No product ageing due to products remaining in the pipeline
  • Minimisation of risks by pipeline emptying
  • Complete product availability
  • Reduction of investment costs thanks to multiplex use of piggable pipelines.
  • Reduction of costs for cleaning and disposal by complete pipeline emptying
  • Reduction of process time for pipeline emptying
  • Reduction of environmental impact by avoiding rinsing media and product disposal
  • Sustainable process method for protection of natural resources
  • Avoidance of cross-contamination between different media in a pipeline

Design characteristics

  • Closed one pig system
  • Pressure free pig exchange
  • Locking device at the changing station with safety device
  • Compact design, arranged on a skid
  • Low maintenance
  • Possibility of automatic or manual operation
  • Maximum reliability and protection against leackages and accidents
  • Easy and quick seal replacement
  • Preferrential dimensions for pigging systems are described in our "Recommendations".

Technical Characteristics

Nominal sizes DN 150 - 300
Pressure stage PN 10, 40#
Materials in contact with product 1.4301, carbon steel
Seal materials NBR, FKM
Materials not in contact with product Aluminium
Actuators Pneumatic actuator
Optional function Electric actuators
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