T40 - T-Port Valve: Multi-functional valve design, providing optimum solution for one-pig-systems

The T-Port Valve is particularly suitable for single direction pigging systems. For such applications the T-port valve provides safe and clean pigging results comparable with two pig systems, but with reduced control system expenditure: with only two positions it is possible to open the T-branch and transfer the product with minimal pressure drop and also stop the pig.

In this position the T-port valve is isolated. In the second position the pig passage is opened and the T-branch is isolated.

The sealing principle utilised in the T-port valve is the same as in our proven T41 three way valve. The main seal is manufactured from PTFE and covers the valve drum completely. Hence, no product residue remains in the piggable passage.


  • Multi-functional valve, reducing control system expenditure
  • Proven valve sealing design
  • Minimal pressure drop
  • Simplifies layout of piggable pipeline due to straight pig passage
  • Compact size
  • Cost effective

Technical characteristics

Connections Flange DIN DN 50 to DN 100 in PN 16 or. ANSI 2" - 4" 150 lbs. (other types on request)
Nominal Pressure PN 16 / 150 lbs (up to 80°C), PN 25 / 300 lbs on request.
Operation Pneumatic double acting or manual. Pig changing manual
Design Temperature -15°C to max. +100°C
Operating Temperature -20°C to +75°C (for higher temperatures an alternative actuator will be necessary)
Material Housing: Stainless steel 1.4571 or Carbon steel 1.0570; Sealings: NBR, FKM, VMQ or EPDM
If you need detailed specifications or have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.