T57-K - Full system manifold for piggable connections between production, tank field and filling

Compact, closed manifold for smaller sizes for all pumpable products into all transport directions.

The benefits: The full system manifold T57-K has a compact design. Thus a large number of connections can be produced. Due to the closed design the risk of accidental leakages is excluded. Simple operation and minimal maintenance speak for the good suitability in daily use of this unique manifold in the area of smaller nominal sizes.

Technical description: The manifold unit T57-K consists of a matrix layout with a manifold node which is piggable to one side. The upper full system line and the lower pigging line are installed rectangular to each other. In initial state both lines are separated from each other when the manifold is switched. In the manual version the manifold is operated with a hand lever. The manifold can be applied for horizontal and vertical arrangement.

Nominal sizes DN 25 / 32 / 40
Pressure stage PN 10, 150#; PN 25, 300#
Materials in contact with product 1.4571, 1.4301, Steel
Seal materials NBR, PTFE; others on request
Materials not in contact with product Aluminium
Operation pneumatic actuator or manual

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