T56 - Piggable manifold for piggable connections between different plant areas

Piggable manifold in vertical design. The assembly position of the manifold is freely selectable.

Proven principle as in the product range cylindrical valves of I.S.T. Molchtechnik GmbH

The manifold consists of single T40.2 valve units. The piggable connections of the T40.2 are arranged offset by 90° in two levels. The connection of the "cross points" is achieved by turning the cylinder by 90°. The single valve units are connected to each other with sliding sleeves to the complete manifold. The valve units can easily be detached. Thus easy installation and disassembly are provided. Moreover, thermal expansions are compensated - especially in case of different product temperatures. With the flexible principle it is also possible to install or remove adjust pieces or spool pieces for easy upgrades. Moreover, with the piggable manifold T56 connections between different diameters are possible. From the upper line of the valve the product flows into the piggable lower line.

  • Closed manifold system
  • Piggable on two levels
  • Each connection has an integrated pig stop insert
  • Pigging of different diameters within a manifold system is possible
  • Compact, space saving
  • Unlimited number of possible connections
  • Simultaneous connection between one inlet and several outlets is possible.
  • Low maintenance
  • Possibility of automatic or manual operation
  • Maximum reliabilty and protection against leakages and accidents
  • Easy and quick seal replacement
  • Small own weight
Nominal sizes DN 50, DN 80, DN 100; 2", 3", 4"
Pressure stage PN 16, 150
Materials in contact with product 1.4301, 1.4571
Seal materials NBR; optionally: FKM, FFKM
Materials not in contact with product Aluminium
Actuators Pneumatic actuator
Optional functions Single elements as components

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