T56 - Piggable manifold for piggable connections between different plant areas

The I.S.T. piggable Matrix Manifold T56. V2 is a distribution manifold specially developed for pigging systems and for moving fluids. It is a completely closed piggable system that optimizes distribution and connection of pipelines.The unique Matrix Manifold concept requires no hoses and reliably eliminates product losses and connection errors. It offers maximum safety and extremely straightforward operation for your staff. The connections between the pigging lines can be opened and closed independently of each other. All filling or pigging processes can take place in parallel, ensuring this matrix manifold provides highest possible flexibility and routing options.

Design Characteristics

  • Closed manifold system
  • Piggable on two levels
  • Each connection has an integrated pig stop insert
  • Pigging of different diameters within a manifold system is possible
  • Compact, space saving
  • Unlimited number of possible connections
  • Simultaneous connection between one inlet and several outlets is possible.
  • Low maintenance
  • Possibility of automatic or manual operation
  • Maximum reliabilty and protection against leakages and accidents
  • Easy and quick seal replacement
  • Small own weight

Technical Characteristics

Nominal sizes DN 50, DN 80, DN 100; 2", 3", 4"
Pressure stage PN 16, 150#
Materials in contact with product Carbon steel, optionally: stainless steel
Seal materials NBR; optionally: FKM, FFKM
Materials not in contact with product Aluminium
Actuators Pneumatic actuator
Optional functions Single elements as components
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