T65 - DDU: Drum Decanting Unit with integrated pig launching and receiving station

A perfect supplement in pigging technology in order to provide safety and functionality when emptying drums and containers (IBC). Here the pumped products are often used as additives for blending processes. The decanting process is semi-automated. With a pre-heated base product the drums will be almost completely emptied. The product is decanted with a pneumatically driven lance which transports the product directly into the piggable transport line. The product will be conveyed directly to the storage tanks or into the subsequent blenders. The exact dosing of the product is effected by a weighing system that is connected to the central control unit of the DDU. A quick change-over from drum decanting to container decanting can be done with help of the flexibly designed roller conveyor. The system can be retooled for the decanting of a completely different kinds of packaging within seconds.


  • Compete discharge of high quality additives
  • No product losses thanks to pigging technology
  • No cross-contamination between drummed additives
  • Local control system for automated filling processes
  • No product residues in the container = cost saving
  • No contaminated products = cost saving
  • High quality standards when emptying different additives with one DDU
  • High operational reliability due to automatic control of emptying processes

Technical Characteristics

Design Skid unit, stainless steel tank 1000l with electric immersion heaters, pump, stations and piping, drum/container decanting unit, roller conveyor and loading platform, E-Cabinet with control unit
Function Decanting from drum/IBC Drum/IBC cleaning interior by rinsing inner pipe cleaning by rinsing / pigging; Rinsing of suction spout in the cleaning; tubular capacity approx. 3 m³/at 3.000 Cst
Exactness +/- 500g depending on the raw materials
Operation Automatic
Material 1.0037 (or similar / better)
Equipment Skid unit (about 1.200x1.200x3.910), Container 1000l, heatable, 1 decanting/rinsing pump, half automated decanting station with automated spout lowering device with linear cylinder, roller conveyor on weighing machine, tiltable for a compolete discharge, integrated weighing system connected with the central control unit of the DDU
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