Pigging technology for colours and paints

Jul 06, 2020

Advantages and possible applications of the I.S.T. pigging technology

For many years now I.S.T. has been supplier of pigging systems for the colour and paint industry. For applications in this industry we designed a special cleaning principle which excludes product mixtures. This principle guarantees complete usage of your product and integrated cleaning of your pipeline during the pigging process. This leads to low cleaning costs and complete product usage. System components are suited to your requirements, such as system layout according to ATEX for solvent-based products.

Pigging systems for application in the colour and paint industry

There are many individual requirements in this industry, consequently the tasks are equally individual.

For the colour and paint industry especially two pig systems in tandem mode with corresponding rinsing processes have been well proven.

Selection of components for the special requirements in the colour and paint industry

At the components for this industry highest demands were implemented so that product residuals in the stations are avoided.


For an optimum cleaning result we recommend to apply our DUO-pigs.

Here the difference is made between applications for solvent based products – where pigs made from FKM (Viton) are used – and applications for water based colours and paints. For these products we have reached good results with pigs made from EPDM and silicone.


I.S.T. offers possibilities of system design from manual up to fully automated pigging systems. We are your supplier as well as advisor. It is our aim, to implement your project in a cooperative relationship. Our scope of supply and services includes single components up to complete systems with automation, pipeline construction as well as start-up with training and production supervision. Moreover, we offer a smooth spare parts service and of course maintenance and service works at your equipment to guarantee for a failure-free operation.

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