Open day 2023 at our customer Total in Belgium

Dec 06, 2023
Open day 2023 at our customer Total in Belgium

In September, our customer Total in Ertvelde (Belgium) celebrated its 100th birthday and opened its doors to customers and suppliers, as well as all interested parties, and gave us the opportunity to explain pigging technology to visitors at a demonstration stand over two days.

Total is one of the world's leading energy companies, active in various sectors such as oil, natural gas, renewable energies and the chemical industry.

With our mobile demonstration unit, which also contains transparent pipes, we were able to show visitors how pigging technology works: A pig, driven by a propellant, pushes the contents of the pipe out. This innovative process is not only environmentally friendly and cost-saving, but media can also be easily filled, mixed and separated and the pipes are cleaned at the same time. This is why the I.S.T. pigging system is not only used in the mineral oil industry - the I.S.T. pigging technology is now also used successfully in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and paint industries.

Customers, suppliers and families with children were enthusiastic about the demonstration and asked a lot of questions, which we were delighted to answer. We were also able to show what the difference is between a one-pig and two-pig system or how to display a pig with a magnet. The children were particularly fascinated by the colors and the funny shape of the pigs.

We had a lot of fun at this open day and would like to thank Total for the invitation. We hope that we were able to inspire many people with our pigging technology.

If you would like to book our demonstration system for your company, please contact us.

We look forward to your inquiry!

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