Professional and sustainable pigging systems

The optimum combination of our system components reduces costs, improves the performance and reduces environmental hazard of production plants.

We provide the suitable solution for industrial product logistics in your pipeline systems!

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Self-cleaning I.S.T. systems for environmentally friendly, efficient and economical pumping, filling, separating and cleaning.

Quality Management
Environment Protection
Performance Improvement
Custom Solutions

Product Portfolio

Stations, valves
Pipeline Manifolds
Blending Equipment
Special designs



Planning and project engineering of pigging systems until the pigging system is integrated into daily operation.

Site supervision

Complete site supervision and realisation in cooperation with experienced partners.

Test pigging

Issuing of a detailed report of the suitability for pigging and possible problem areas.


Experienced engineers will help to ensure a smooth and trouble-free start-up of your plant.


Detailed training for plant operators on all aspects of pigging system operation and maintenance.

Repair & maintenance

Replacement of seals and any other elements at I.S.T. or at site; A flexible emergency team is available to help solve any problems.

Technical support

Available via phone or face-to-face.


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Do you already make the best out of your pipes?

Opt for the original and profit from the outstanding benefits of I.S.T. pigging technology as a result: perceptible cost reduction, compliance with even the most stringent environmental regulations, guaranteed high standards of quality due to product purity and rationalisation. Optimizing your pumping and filling equipment with I.S.T. pigging systems can move your company decisively forward.