Quality Promise

A cornerstone of our economic success is quality.

Quality policy

We want to reach agreement with our customers on the quality of the products and services to be supplied in order to be able to fully meet promises made in every case.

It is our conviction that only through the path of continuous quality improvement, together with our customers and suppliers, can a lasting basis for the development of our company be created. The cooperation of each individual employee is of decisive importance in this respect.

Our quality policy consists of five building blocks:

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Continuous improvement of products and services

  • Responsibility towards the environment

  • Efficiency and economy

  • Positioning of the company in the market

To ensure that our quality policy is implemented, we have introduced a quality management system.


The company I.S.T. Molchtechnik sees itself as a globally operating supplier of pigging fittings, piggable manifolds and services related to these products. The company's external interested parties include industrial companies that transport liquid chemicals, lubricants or foodstuffs through a pipeline. Our products provide fast, effective and environmentally friendly pipeline drainage for these companies. The range extends from standard solutions to high-quality, process-controlled pigging systems. In addition to pigging technology, products are offered for mixing technology, barrel emptying and loading technology.

Compliance with high quality standards is also based on long-term relationships with selected suppliers with whom agreements have been made. The applicable requirements of legislators and authorities, which relate to the safe use of products or environmentally sound disposal of problematic materials, are among our priority tasks. The requirements for internally interested parties are derived from the high quality requirements for the products and services. The management is responsible to the company for the effective and economical implementation of the defined quality policy and the company goals. The employees have the task to constantly improve our innovative products and services and to take care of a good positioning on the market. The realization of the products and the fulfillment of the services are carried out by trained specialists. Supported training ensures the maintenance of the achieved quality level. Internally and externally, the necessary needs of interested parties are taken into account. Possible adaptations to changing requirements are made in order to achieve this objective. Continuous improvement is the commitment of all employees, who with their competence are the pillars of the company.