The idea of pigging is brilliantly simple.

The best ideas are often the most simple. This is just the case with pigging. It was expended more than 45 years ago by I.S.T. "for new branches of industry", and is based on a process which is, in principle, very simple: a shaped plug, the pig, which is driven by a propellant, is used to push out the contents of a pipe. What makes this principle so attractive is that it is suitable for use in various fields: I.S.T. pigging systems can be used to pump, fill, mix and separate large quantitites of substance and also to clean pipes, in an environmentally friendly, efficient and cost-effective way. I.S.T. has taken a brilliantly simple idea and developed it into perfect system solutions for all problematic tasks associated with pumping and filling systems.

Environmental protection and cost saving in very diverse lines of business.

The very first I.S.T. pigging systems proved their worth in the mineral oil industry. I.S.T. pigging technology has also successfully been used in other areas for many years now, such as the pharmaceutical, food, paint, cosmetics and chemical industry. The decision to use a pigging systems is always based on sound reasons of economy; safety standards and environmental protection certainly also have a large part to pay. In principle, every pumpable product and also powders, granules and similiar substances can be pigged fully automatically, such as lyes, solvents, paints, oils, liquid resins, sludge ... and. Because of this, I.S.T. pigging systems are much more developed for pumping more and more new substances and for increasingly higherperformance systems.

A few examples of piggable pipes:

  • From nozzles to tankers, tank wagons and containers.
  • To tanks, groups of tanks, mixers and reactors.
  • Through filling equipment and hoses.
  • Around pumps, filters and flow meters.

Pig example

Brief description of an I.S.T. DUO pig:

The special feature about a DUO pig is its shape.

  • Its narrow waist means it can pass pipe bends with minimal loss of friction.
  • Its two wear resistant sealing lips are excellent for wiping residues from the pipe walls and it can dive over openings in the pipes.
  • The pig's flexible front surface protects pipe bends from damage and wear and acts as a shock absorber.
  • And the pig holds its position - none of that tumbling through the pipe as spehere pigs do.

Do you already make the best out of your pipes?

Opt for the original and profit from the outstanding benefits of I.S.T. pigging technology as a result: perceptible cost reduction, compliance with even the most stringent environmental regulations, guaranteed high standards of quality due to product purity and rationalisation. Optimizing your pumping and filling equipment with I.S.T. pigging systems can move your company decisively forward.