T57 - Full system manifold: Closed, combined system, piggable on one side with no hoses. For maximum reliability. A proven combination of safety and efficiency.

The I.S.T. full system manifold T57 sets high standards regarding reliability, efficiency and easy operation. It is a completely closed, piggable system that optimizes distribution and connection of pipelines.

The full system manifold T57 requires no hoses and reliably eliminates product losses and connection errors. It offers maximum safety and extremely straightforward operation for your staff.

This is the first manifold which allows different nominal diameters to be combined in a single design. For example, a piggable DN 50 pipeline can be filled with product next to a DN 100 pipeline and can then be pigged.

With the full system manifold T57 up to 50 transport lines can be connected to up to 20 pigging lines in one module. By attaching several manifold modules to each other, large scale distribution can be achieved.

When filling and pigging take place in parallel, the manifold can open and close the connections independently of each other.

Design and function:

The full system section consists of non-piggable, stabilized ducts for product infeed.

At right angles to these ducts there are the piggable pipelines which are connected at the intersection by means of a ring valve principle. This ring valve opens the connection from the product feed duct to the piggable section of the manifold and simultaneously acts as a pig receiving station.

The respective ring valves are openend by a manual or pneumatic actuating unit. A slide moves the actuating unit in parallel direction over the piggable pipeline to the required product feed system section.

This means that only one actuating unit per piggable pipeline is required. Costly interlocking and control systems are thus reduced. The small shut-off unit makes the manifold very compact and requires almost no maintenance.


  • Closed system, piggable on one side
  • Compact installation size
  • No hoses or couplings: maximum reliability and protection against leakage and accidents
  • For pipeline sizes DN 50, 80 and 100 (2", 3" and 4") in a single manifold
  • Integrated pig receiver
  • Matrix design
  • Small number of moving components - low maintenance
  • Automatic or manual operation
  • Piggable from and to connections
  • Very low pressure drop

Technical Characteristics

Nominal sizes DN 50 / 80 / 100
Pressure stage PN 16, 150#
Materials in contact with product Carbon steel, optionally: stainless steel
Seal materials NBR, FKM, optionally: FFKM
Materials not in contact with product Steel
Actuators Pneumatically driven motors and actuators
Optional functions Contamination protection; bottom drainage; Antitank transfer
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