T51 - 1 to 4 / 1 to 8 manifold

This manifold is suitable for smaller distributions. 4 or 8 supplies which are arranged radially can be connected to a central outlet. Thus an easy and cost effective distribution is faciliated. This manifold is based on the sealing principle of the T41 (cylindrical form). Due to the fully piggable and pocket free design the possibility of contamination is almost deleted. A pneumatic four position actuator rotates the valve to any of the desired connections.

Technical Characteristics

Nominal inside diameters DN 50 - DN 100 (2" - 4")
Flanges meet DIN or ANSI standards
Pressure up to PN 16, 150 lb.
Temperature up to + 75°C, higher temperatures on request
Material cast stainless steel body (others on request)
Seal NBR, FKM (others on request)
Pneumatic cylinder for 6 bar of instrument air
Actuators Pneumatic actuator
Optional extras pig sensor, pig locator
If you need detailed specifications or have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.