Our products

Production, blending, pigging and filling of liquids require well-engineered technologies for economic and quality approved production processes which comply to all regulations regarding safety, health and environment.

Your requirements are taken care of by specialists who have known your industries for years. Here you will be able to see an overview of our wide range of products and services.

Stations, valves

Our pigging equipment was developed for an optimum application of industrial components for the production and pigging process. Flow optimisation, application-optimised design, very good piggability, compliance with standards and regulations, compatibility to your existing systems as well as a design with almost no pockets have been the standards for this proven technology.

Pipeline Manifolds

Almost any distribution can be achieved in connecting single valves to each other. The more efficient method is the use of piggable manifolds. Thus, very complex distribution networks can be realised using a combination of individual valves and modern distribution manifold systems.

Blending Equipment

Many finished products consist of several individual components which are blended during the manufacturing process. To ensure that the specified formulation is achieved and to minimise product losses, I.S.T. has developed two unique blenders, which also provide optimum connection with piggable distribution systems.


Our many years of experience have lead to a wide range of I.S.T. pigs of highest quality and flexibility to meet almost all demands of today's process pigging technology. Basically each product can be pigged with I.S.T. pigs, be it lube oils, aggressive chemicals, granulates, powder, pastes or foodstuffs (such as chocolate, jams, meat masses etc.).

Special designs

It is one of our valuable qualities to realise the individual wishes and requirements of our customers. Here our experienced engineers implement the specifications professionally and in compliance with the applicable guidelines and regulations. A successful commissioning carried out by our engineers completes the realisation of the special design.


You can employ us as your turn-key contractor to save you both time and effort and to help ensure smooth project co-ordination and trouble-free operation of your plant.


No complete system without accessories. Often the sensors, transmitters and couplings are vital connection elements for the complete system.

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