News and Info about pigging technology

Successful launch of our new ERP system

Sep 01, 2022

For many years, we have been using a now outdated enterprise resource planning system, which has now been replaced by a modern ERP system in recent months. For us, it was important at the start of …

New pig change station

Nov 26, 2021

This pig change station ensures a safe pig change and a safe separation of the change chamber from the product pipe. Regarding operator safety several locking mechanisms are provided to prevent …

CHEMUK 2021 Expo

May 28, 2021
CHEMUK 2021 Expo

Visit us at the CHEMUK 2021 exhibition, stand B26 on 15th and 16th September 2021 in NEC, Birmingham, UK. Website:

New full piggable valve T56

Apr 20, 2021

The piggable valve T56 is a concentration point in the industrial piping network. The junction is based on the proven principle of the I.S.T. T-ring valve. By interconnecting, two pig lines can be …

Web-Seminar: Process optimization through pigging technology

Mar 18, 2021
Web-Seminar: Process optimization through pigging technology

Watch our quality manager Mr. Kludas give a lecture about process optimization through pigging technology at the Web-Seminar "Prozesstechnik im Dialog" powered by Huckauf Ingenieure on Wednesday, …

Pig change station for powder transport

Dec 18, 2020

You can change pigs with this pig change station safe and easy. Like in an elevator the pig is transported to another level and can be safely removed and reinserted.

Pigging technology for powders and granulates

Jul 06, 2020

Beside liquid products, also powders and granulates can be pigged. Deposits in the pipeline are a common problem in pneumatic product transfer; these deposits are often loosened with slight hammer …

Pigging technology in the chocolate industry

Jul 06, 2020

An alternative to heated pipelines Nowadays it is almost impossible to think about a chocolate industry without pigging technology. Not only chocolate masses and fillings can be transported through …

Pigging technology for printing inks

Jul 06, 2020

Especially at printing ink productions high viscosity products are a challenge for pigging systems. A further important demand is the high colour fidelity of the products within a production plant. …

Pigging technology for adhesives and glues

Jul 06, 2020

Be it Kaurit glue or isocyanate, hardening products require special processes and technologies for transport and handling. Complete emptying of a pipeline is important, but not always possible. With …