T39 - Pig loading and unloading station, swivel type

With this station the loading and unloading of the pig from a pipe system is also easy, fast and safe. A part of the station can be swivelled out of the pipeline. Thus, a pressure free loading or unloading of the pig is secured. So the process of pig exchange is made easier and operational errors are avoided. The pipeline side can be equipped either with a flange or a female sliding coupling. Due to safety reasons I.S.T. recommends the use of this station.

Technical Characteristics

Nominal inside diameters DN 80 - DN 100 (3" - 4")
Flanges meet DIN or ANSI standards
Pressure up to PN 16, 150 lb.
Temperature up to + 90°C, higher temperatures on request
Material Cast stainless steel body
Seal NBR, FKM (others on request)
Pneumatic cylinder for 6 bar of instrument air
Optional extras Pig sensor, pig locator
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