I.S.T. pigs for food

Dec 14, 2023
I.S.T. pigs for food

In the food industry, pigging technology is often used to very efficiently remove residual product from transfer lines when changing between product batches. The pig is pushed through the pipelines to remove residues of aging products and contaminants. This prevents contamination between batches and helps ensure the quality and safety of the products manufactured. Furthermore, the use of environmentally harmful cleaning media is reduced to a minimum through the use of pigging technology.

The materials of the pigs used in the food industry have been specially developed for this purpose. For the European market, I.S.T. pigs whose material was manufactured in accordance with EC 1935/2004 and for the American market in accordance with FDA Regulations CFR 21, Section 177.2600.

I.S.T. offers four different pigging materials available for food use:

  • NBR-bright and EPDM-bright, these pigging materials are suitable for use in oil or oil-containing products

  • FKM-bright and silicone, these pigging materials are suitable for the use of oil-containing products as well as for use in water

A specific resistance study is recommended.

Special pigging stations and a special pig have been developed for process engineering systems with cleaning processes such as cleaning in place or steaming in place. The pig, on the right in the picture, has an easy-to-clean shape without edges and is also made from EC 1935/2004-compliant silicone.

Note: I.S.T. pigs are sold only in connection with our valves and systems.

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