T45 - Inline Blender

This continuous, dynamic multicomponent blender was designed for the continuous flow of 2-9 components. In the standard version it is possible to achieve a flow rate of 60 m^3/h with a blending chamber volume of 60l. Its special construction allows the direct mounting of regular stations. So a simultaneous supply of all compoonents is possible. The locking cones of the regular stations open into the interior of the blending chamber and terminate with the interior side of the mixer. Control of the volume of the various mixing products is usually done through flow meters with pulse transmitters in connection with pneumatically operated control valves. The blending proportions are done through the control unit. The combination of I.S.T. Inline Blender and automatic control guarantees an accurate and consistent mixing result. Despite the varied flowpath of the components in the blending chamber the quality of the final blend is unaffected. Even products with very high and very low viscosity can be mixed together to a homogenous product. Although the mixing time in the blender is relatively short, the mixed product is to exact specification from beginning to end of the operation. The lqiuid/liquid blending operation of the I.S.T. Inline Blender is an answer to the requirement of continuous process operation which is easier controlled and automated than conventional batch blending operation. The excellent blending results show the effect of this unique technique.

  • Dynamic patented Inline Blender for continuous operation
  • Up to nine components are blended at the same time
  • This new blending operation ensures a high grade of blend quality
  • The end product is blended to the required specification from the start of flow
  • High capacity in small blender chamber
  • Low energy consumption
Installation vertical
Temperature 120°C max., higher temperatures on request
Blending capacity min 1 m^3/h, max. 60 m^3/h
Blender chamber diameter 600mm
Blender chamber contents ca. 60 Litre
Inlet connection 3" (DN 80), max. 9 inlets equally spaced on outside diameter (other diameters and number of inlets available on request)
Outlet connection 2 x 3" (DN 80) or 2 x 4" (DN 100)
Materials carbon steel or stainless steel
Nominal pressure max. 16 bar
Height incl. motor and gearbox 1510mm
Shaft seal dynamic seal
Motor capacity 7,5 KW
Speed of rotor 320 RPM