T08 - 2 / 2 way manifolds

This valve faciliates the simultaneous diversion of product flows in two directions. Thus different pipelines can be switched and pigged. The manifold can also be used as a piggable pump bypass. In this case the product flow is connected to the pump. After conveying the piggable pump bypass is witched on. Its integrated cylinder is pocket free due to its optimum sealing and therefore it can especially be used for products that allow no or only minimum contamination. The valve can be switched either manually or automatically. There is no overlapping while switching since all outlets are blocked. In combination with a pig stop insert and a pig sensor the T08 can also be used for launching and receiving of a pig. Thus, the pig can reversed into another pipeline.

Nominal inside diameters DN 50 - DN 125 (2" - 5")
Flanges meet DIN or ANSI standards
Pressure up to PN 16, 150 lb.
Temperature up to + 90°C, higher temperatures on request
Material cast steel or cast stainless steel body
Seal NBR, FKM (others on request)
Pneumatic cylinder for 6 bar of instrument air
Optional extras pig sensor, pig locator