T06 - Rotary manifold: Connects piggable pipelines. Extremely reliable and versatile

Traditional hose distribution systems can be replaced by plug-in or rotating I.S.T. manifolds which can be fully automated. For mixing, filling and loading plants. With patented I.S.T. sliding coupling.

T06 2x6

Special edition

Stainless steel



1 on 4

1 on 6

The I.S.T. rotary manifold T06 connects one or two supplies with up to 18 outlets. Thus, tank groups, mixers etc, can be interconnected to 1 or 2 filling devices. The fully piggable version of the T06 allows for a pigging process from the tank up to the filling device. The manifold is also available with dry break couplings. These coupling shut both sides of the line after disconnection of the couplings.