T02 - Loading lance for tank trucks and tank wagons

Special design

T02 with evacuating dome

The loading lance is designed for application in piggable filling plants. It is mounted at the end of a loading arm and allows pipeline pigging through the complete loading arm. The pig can transport the product into the loading lance or back into the initial source tank. The loading lance is equipped with a level control switch. Thus the product is transported back to the tank after loading and overfilling of trucks or wagons etc. is avoided. Due to the fact that the loading arm is fully piggable, it is possible to fill several different products through the same loading arm. Product flow is controlled by a sliding sleeve installed int he loading lance. This sleeve is operated by instrument air (positions open/closed/throttle). In case of emergency air failure, the loading lance is closed automatically by spring.

Nominal inside diameters DN 80 - DN 100 (3" - 4")
Flanges meet DIN or ANSI standards
Pressure up to PN 16, 150 lb.
Temperature up to + 90°C, higher temperatures on request
Material steel or stainless steel body
Pneumatic cylinder for 3 or 6 bar of instrument air, with osition indicator and spring return