About us

The original

The company was originally established by Mr. Hubert Skibowski in Hamburg in 1981.

At this time the business provided engineering design and consultancy services and specialised in the design and manufacture of pigging systems. This technology was initially developed for the lubricating oil and chemical industries and then subsequently introduced to the food and varnish industries. Today, the I.S.T. brand name is synonymous with high quality and innovative products.

We offer a comprehensive range of products and services, from single pigging system components to complete "turn-key" project solutions, including planning, design, engineering and installation.

I.S.T. systems are used world-wide by a wide range of industries, including oils, paints, chemicals, foodstuffs, toiletries, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, our Hamburg factory and head office is supported by our own strategically located sales offices and a network of international distributors, providing our customers with a global sales and service network.

Company History

Hubert Skibowski, founder of the company was engaged by Oelwerke J. Schindler to develop a new cleaning system resulting in the development of first closed pigging system with the first duplex pig.
Formation Planungsbüro Skibowski - development of T-Pieces and manifolds
I.S.T. new company name: Industrie System Technik - start with 6 employees
I.S.T. Molchtechnik GmbH, new daughter company of the Dover Group
Management - Buyout
New piggable blender SMB (T45-SMB)
Development DDU (T65)
First major orders from Russia and Germany for I.S.T. blending solutions
Orders from Spain and Russia for I.S.T. pigging systems
Orders from Russia
Extensive projects in Africa and Germany
Major projects in Italy and Russia
Orders from South Korea, Netherlands, Russia and Germany

I.S.T. is comprehensively certified.